PCB Manufacturing صناعة البورد الألكترونية

كما تقدم الشركة خدمات تصنيع البورد الألكترونية (PCB)للشركات والافراد باسعار منافسة وكميات كبيرة وتسليم فورى

Gerber File Specification and PCB Capabilities

  1. Number of Layers: 1-2 layers
  2. Material: FR4 – FR2
  3. Maximum PCB Size: 40x40cm
  4. Board Thickness: 1.6mm
  5. Minimum trace width = 0.5mm
  6. Minimum trace space = 0.5mm
  7. Outer Layer Copper Thickness: 1OZ
  8. Drill Sizes (CNC): 0.3-10mm
  9. Solder Mask: silkscreen
  10. Minimum Character Width(Legend): 1mm
  11. Minimum Character Height (Legend): 2mm
  12. Character Width to Height Ratio (Legend): 1:2
  13. Surface Finishing: Immersion tinning
  14. Silkscreen: white
  15. 1000 pieces per week
  16. Pre engineering check
  17. SMD and DIP assembly
  18. Technical support
  19. 3D Printing parts for enclosure
  20. Reverse engineering
  21. Laser cutting for enclosure and curved PCB shape

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